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And... Breathe

It's a new year and a new you, so why not for your residents?

Here are a few activities you can try with residents to help relax and reset.


1. Hand massages Receiving a hand massage can be extremely relaxing and often goes down particularly well with female residents (although men may enjoy it too). If time allows, it could form part of a manicure service, or you could consider asking a professional nail technician to come in and offer their services.

2. Seated yoga Yoga is a fantastic activity for improving strength and flexibility and helping to relax the mind. If your residents aren’t particularly mobile, there are adapted yoga poses that can be done from the comfort of a chair. We’d recommend hiring a professional yoga teacher to help run these sessions.

3. Meditation The beauty of meditation is that it is easy to do and accessible for everyone. Try searching for guided meditations on YouTube to get some inspiration or to play to your residents. Meditation could be particularly useful as an evening activity to help people wind down before bed.

Looking for something more lively and entertaining? Take a look at our shows and workshops.


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