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Stepping into Christmas

Can I first just say, who writes up a post on Christmas day? Keziah Does!

Wow, just a big wow to all we achieved in 2019! More impressive was Christmas with over 198 shows completed! This is our second Christmas as a company and it's just getting better and better!

We kicked off the season with our London Debut at the Cockpit Theatre London and Liverpool with Hope Street Theatre with our play Stages in conjunction with The Good Grief Trust and SudEp Action to create a conversation about grief. The show received 5 Star reviews and has been named as one of the best plays this year!

This Christmas saw we had not one [oh no] but two tours! Talespin took out The Snow Queen and A Christmas Carol touring schools and care homes in the uk. We toured North West, North East,Lancashire and Merseyside bringing joy! We worked with an array of talented performers both newly trained and long working in the industry. We are proud to have worked with such an interesting bunch!

Now also one of our proudest moments was at the carers choir. We worked tirelessly as a group to create a most beautiful choir! Our friends at BCS Peter and Georgette came to us with an amazing idea to create a social and artistic influence in the caring community! we worked on the most beautiful christmas themed songs such as Slade 'Christmas every day' and more traditional songs like 'Silent night' [OMG It was beautiful!]

The performance was a great sucess and Keziah the Choir Mistress was over the moon with the teams progress!

Last and most certainly not least we created a touch of magic at Cockfields Farm with Merry Berry the Elf and Mrs Claus! Each and every child experienced the North Pole like no one else, with elf fun, making gingerbread men, elf wishes, feeding reindeer, and much more! Review

All that being said, Thank you so much for being with us on this journey, and Merry Christmas!

Love and best wishes,

Keziah and Marissa

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