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Five Christmas Activities!

Looking for Christmas Activities? Take a look at these! These are five easy and budget friendly ideas...


It can’t be simpler than this. All you need to do is open this PDF and print it out:

Print HereFree Printable Christmas Bingo Game

We actually had ours printed at a printing store just so that we could get a higher quality print. You could even laminate it if you want so that you can play it for years to come.

It will print out 8 game boards and the cards to draw from to play Bingo. (Sorry-there are just 8. If you need more we recommend playing in small groups of 8 or less so that everyone gets a chance to play.)

Here’s a sample of what a Christmas Bingo Board looks like:


This is a fun and frugal idea for a stocking stuffer that you can make at home.  They can even make these projects themselves.  They can be party favors for a Christmas party or the can even be given as gifts for fellow residents/ students at school.  Everyone loves tic tac toe!

Drawstring jute bags 6″ x 8″ 5 packs small erasers (Amazon) Puffy paint


This idea is pure genius.  I can say that because it’s not mine!  I first saw this game on The Activity Mom (who got it from here) and instantly knew it would be a HUGE hit for Family since they are obsessed with playing memory games.

1.  Write your letters on the stickers.  I made sure each letter was on the same color, so as not to be confusing.  We played with the lowercase letters in Big and Little Brother’s names (8 pairs), but you could do anything…numbers, shapes, sight words, or colors!

2.  Place the letter stickers on the bottom of each Chocolate.  They fit absolutely perfectly!

4.  Take turns letting people turn two over at time and then you do the same.


Why not give residents and students the fun of decorating and making a simple game for them to enjoy.

With just a few things you probably already have around the house, they can enjoy this craft and turn it into a game at the end.

What you will need:

Empty tissue boxes

white paint


orange and black card

black marker or paint

optional: buttons/pom poms for buttons

hot glue

How to Make a Snowman Bowling Game

Enlist your residents/kids to paint your tissue boxes white. They can be any sizes…we happened to use 3 rectangular boxes and 1 square box

After they are painted white and dry, stack them how you will intend for them to go.


This is a cute design. Cut the eyes, mouth and antlers from cardboard and stick them in place on a cork board. Then, cut red circles for the noses and placed kids/residents names on each one.

Have fun, and happy crafting!

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