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History Repeating?

To many of us today, WW1 is something of so distant past, there is hardly anyone around now who even remembers what life was like in 1918. That is until I [Keziah Lockwood] met 100 year old Esther. She turned 100 in May, and while she had no memory of the war, being born on the year it ended gave her incredible insight into what life was like for the folk of Britain after the war. And of course being a young woman in the second war, she saw many things no human should see.

'When I was a kid, there were not as many cars as there are now, most things relied on horse and cart. If you would have told me, that people would be using the cars, that we would be filled with them, I would have told you don't be daft. We used to have a horse and cart delivering milk and butter to your doorstep, and any meat or veg you went to a butchers or grocers. I've seen all sorts happen. It's all changing, but some things look like they are happening again, I don't envy you younger lot.' The last part particularly shook me. I don't know why, but I thought she wouldn't be aware of the current situation or state of affairs. That has made me realise the importance of this play. We are so wrapped up in our society of who is doing what or what is or is not offensive, that we are missing the bigger picture. The fact that there are people in power making the same choices that people in power made back then and are being defended is scary. That these same people are legitimising the prejudice ideas and hatred is scary. That is why I am so driven to explore this play at every angle and remind people that these people that some are so quick to either defend, will make the decision that will destroy lives and families. The prejudices people hold will not only destroy the lives of those they hate, but also their own. John Lennon and his song Imagine had an important lesson about hate, war and fighting over borders. It seems after 100 years we have not learned our lesson. Our play may not be the thing that swings the course that history seems to be heading in, but on a quest to change at least one persons perception would be the best result we could hope for. And with the right exposure, we may be able to change the face of our fate. You may say we are dreamers, but we are not the only ones. Maybe someday you will join us. With any luck, the world will listen and be as one.

We would love to hear what you think, and what you feel may differ or what is way to similar from 1918 to our current state of affairs. Comments below or on the FB page.

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