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Talespin Appoints New Writer.

Talespin Theatre Co have Comissioned a writer for the play Somme Men.

Parissa studied Acting at The Arden School of Theatre for 3 years. You may have seen her in the feature length film 'The Chain', 2016, and has been in numerous plays such as 'Gaslight' and 'Go Back for Murder'.

As well as acting, Parissa is also known to direct, the last play being 'These Shining Lives' by Melanie Marnich at The Lauriston Studio, Altrincham. 

'Generally I have always been very interested in the history of WW1, especially from poems such as Wilfred Owen, stories such as 'Birdsong' by Sebastian Faulks, and comedies like Blackadder!' Talespin are very happy to have Parissa on board and look forward to a great working relationship.If you have any questions for the team, contact us on Talespintheatreco@Gmail.com
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