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Whistle While You Work...

While getting residents to do chores might feel a tad mean we tend to forget that our older generation are used to working and being hard workers in the past would probably get bored some afternoons. So why not make up some mock chores?


1. Folding laundry Don’t feel guilty about providing residents with a task to do. Many will have worked their whole life and will relish the prospect of getting on with a job and feeling useful. Something like laundry folding can provide a sense of purpose that could help to boost their mood and self-confidence.

2. Drawing a fire

Now of course we are not suggesting residents to actually play with flames but here's an idea to give them a reminiscent of yester year. Most residents will remember fetching coal from the shop or even cleaning a grate as their chores. A simple fake fireplace with orange light bulbs to simulate embers would suffice. A coal bucket with fake coal will give residents the chance to feel like they are doing their part, and a small hand brush can be used to clean the grate and sweep away the soot. Of course it will be sootless with fake coal!

3. Mail delivery

This one is cute! Residents will very much have had a paper round as a kid and will probably remember it as a happy time aside from dodging the dogs! Why not do the same but with mail? Residents can write letters to each other, or staff can write notes of praise to make them feel happy and loved. You could put a cardboard postbox in the hallway and nominate a resident every week to empty and deliver!

4. Newspaper

Now this would be interesting. Get a club together with residents, a news club and talk about all the things that is important to them and together with your help create a newsletter that will be handed out to residents (possibly along with the mail idea above) and you can also give out to families!

5.Sunday Market.

If residents can't make it out why not bring the Markets to them? Set up your lounge as a village market and arm them with baskets to 'buy' wares. I stead of money you can use coupons like a rational book. Cakes, tea, coffee even veggies from the kitchen that can be just placed back. It will remind residents of simpler times of shopping for their family.

6. A night out at the Theatre

If you cant' get out to see The Sound of Music bring it to you! There are plenty of musicals and shows that come to your care home, take a look at these options for example. Theatre Company

And one more to end the day...

7. Pub Lunch

Why not bring the jolly pub to the care home? Give residents tokens to use as currency to buy beer, wine, and snacks and offer cards, darts and a telly with the sport on. You can even get on a radio/Jukebox with 50's-60's tunes to really get the place hopping!

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