Somme Men

When four men tasked with a special mission are stuck in no mans land it seems that they have no hope of getting home. They all reminisce about their families, friends, and lovers when suddenly, a young man from the CLC [Chinese Labour Corps] gets stranded with them.

As anger and claustrophobia descends, their fear that a spy is among them grows ever more real.
A play about prejudice, espionage and the horrors of war, from untold stories of men from the front.

Jack And The Beanstalk

Jack and his mum Molly are down on their luck. With no money or hope, Molly decides it's time to sell their cow. When Jack sells the cow to a stranger for beans, mum isn't to impressed but little does she know those beans will lead to an adventure of giant proportions!

A wacky pantomime with songs kids will loves, and grown ups will remember, it's a fun filled hour with dashing acts of daring, with humour warmth and sharing!

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