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We are committed to bringing entertaining and original educational theatre into your school - we tour nationally so take a look at our shows to see what we can bring to your school to enhance your curriculum.


With decades of combined experience of Theatre in Education and Drama we are perfectly placed to deliver effective and inspirational shows and workshops for your children.

We write and produce all of our plays ourselves to ensure that they directly support the National Curriculum, are fun and original and that they meet our high standards. With hand painted sets, custom made costumes, and quality theatrical performers we ensure you have a show that will knock your socks off!


Each of our plays springs to life through vibrant characters and engaging stories, interactive discussion and has a huge effect on pupil interaction and engagement.


Fi Fie Fo Fum! I smell Panto season!

Jack is a boy living a simple but broke life. When he sells the prize family cow for beans, his mum is not best pleased. The next morning, a beanstalk reaching through the clouds has grown, and jack knows he is in for a giant adventure!

Themes: Panto, Fairy tales


Ellie is loves to fish and loves everything to do with the ocean and rivers. One day, she uncovers a plot, to dump rubbish into the sea, by a big buisiness who can't be bothered to take their rubbish to the tip.Children will have a whale of a time with this ocean adventure, all about the environment. Your students will get information on sea life


When Horton was hatched, his mum didn't expect him to be so...well...different!

After being cast out by his fellow ducklings, Horton goes on a journey to find the truth behind the word 'Ugly' and what it means to be 'Different'

Themes: Morality, Acceptance, Celebrating difference.

Adventures in Neverland Poster.png

Ahoy mateys! Join our Neverland friends for a swashbuckling adventure this summer. 


But aye, there's a pirate sniffing around the nearby waters! With a hook for a hand and his trusty companion to help with all of the work do you think this pirate will succeed with his plan to take down Pan once and for all?


Themes: Adulthood, Adventure, Dealing with Change

Untitled design.jpg

Set your time turner for a very special time and place... Winnie has some magic to cast over the children of the UK!


Winnie Penndragon the Witch extraordinaire must solve a very big mystery indeed. With help from the audience, Winnie will cast spells and travel through the streets of the land of Wizards exploring all curiosities. Winnie will teach you magic spells, potions, defence against the Dark Arts and all wonders of Magic!

To book this show, write to us and send by owl... Or maybe do it quicker by sending us an email.

Themes: Bravery, Reading, and Friendship


A Panto worth melting for...

Gerda & Kai are best friends, but when they are torn apart by the wicked & beautiful Snow Queen, Gerda must embark on a mission with the help of some new friends to save her friend.

Taken by the traditional tale by Hans Christian Anderson, comes a pantomime with music for all ages and some classic songs to sing along to!

Themes: Friendship, Good over Evil, Helping Others, Charity

Why should you choose

Talespin Theatre?








If you're looking for quality assured, educational and entertaining tours that will captivate the audience and take all the stress off of you, then you've come to the right place. We aim to make theatre more accessible with a show that comes to you which can fit in any size room. All of our actors are DBS checked and professionally trained to a high standard at accredited Drama Schools. 

The Wind in the Willows.jpg

Mole is at home doing spring cleaning, and he is quite bored with it. That is, until he finds a door leading 'Outside'. Once out he meets all sorts of characters and embarks on an adventure of a life time! Join Mole, Ratty, and Toad for an Adventure along the riverbank! A wild ride with music from the 1920's and 30's sure to get your toes tapping!

Themes: Equality, Friendship, and Adventure

The Last.jpg

One little boy get a wonderful opportunity to tour his local chocolate factory with the mysterious owner, but not all is as it seems... The Easter Geese have stopped laying their magical chocolate eggs! And with easter round the corner, something must be done! Will they save easter? Will the find a way to make the geese lay? And will they uncover all the secrets of the factory?

Come join us, you're in for a treat!

Themes: Honesty, Good Behavior, and Problem Solving


Magic Mirror on the wall... What is the most memorable tale of all? Snow White is a beautiful young girlwith lots of joy and kindness in her heart, and when her Stepmother, The Evil Queen finds out she is the fairest of all, she hatches a plan to dispose of her. But what she doesn't know is that Snow is a princess with attitude, and seven little helpers!

Themes: Panto, Fairytales

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