Welcome to Talespinners Academy, a performing arts school which forms the professionals of tomorrow! I'm Marissa, the schools Principal. At Talespinners Academy we introduce children ages 4-16 into the life and disciplines of performing in the arts. We cover many areas within the industry in our classes including, Musical Theatre, Acting for live and recorded media, Singing and Voice, Drama, Dance, Physical Theatre and much more! We also have visits from industry professionals, opportunities to be seen by Agents & Casting Directors through our showcases & performances plus many, many more.

Musical Theatre

Dreams of performing on the West End can be persued up north too! Talespin Academy will give you all the exceptional skills you need to fulfill your child's potential in the world of musical theatre.


Focusing on the triple threat of singing, acting and dancing. You’ll explore acting, develop new skills and devise your own choreography and ensemble pieces.

You will learn from musical theatre professionals, who’ll pass on their real-life skills and experience to you, helping you to understand everything from rehearsal etiquette to auditioning effectively!

Acting for Live and Recorded Media

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